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Treating Pediatric Epilepsy with CBD

Treating Pediatric Epilepsy with CBD

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Marijuana has been a debatable form of treatment in children with epilepsy, and many have argued that it is unsafe to give children marijuana.


What most people don’t understand is that the treatment given to them is a form of marijuana that is non-psychoactive.


Non-psychoactive meaning- THEY DON’T GET HIGH!


The treatment contains a Non-psychoactive compound that is extracted from the marijuana plant called CBD (cannabidiol). There’s no THC (the compound that gets you high).


Next argument… Well, what about the dangers of lung disease?


They don’t actually smoke it, so the worries of smoke associated lung diseases are never an issue. CBD treatments come in an oil like form that can be added to their daily meals.


Take Charlotte for example…

Charlotte was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy that is untreatable by medication. Her seizures began at just three months old, and lasted anywhere from 2-4 hours long.


After years of trying different medications and treatments Charlotte began to lose her motors skills, suffered from bone loss, and struggled with immune system complications. Charlottes heart stopped multiple times and had even been given a do not resuscitate order.


They were ready to give up.


Charlotte was five years old when her parents discovered medical marijuana. They began by giving her small dosages of CBD oil in her food twice a day. She suffered from up to 1,200 seizures a month that dramatically dropped to 3 per month after beginning medical marijuana treatment.


Her success story has had such an impact that dispensaries now carry a specific strain of marijuana Called Charlotte’s Web. Because it contains the highest levels of CBD and barely holds any THC, the strain is primarily grown to treat epilepsy in children.


In more recent studies scientists conducted a study for 74 patients, within the age range of 1 to 18, who suffer from unmanageable epilepsy. All patients were resistant to antiepileptic medications.


Forty-nine of those patients had previously failed two other forms of treatment. They were given CBD dosages of 1-20mg dissolved in olive oil.


The results concluded in a significant decrease of seizures in the majority of patients. Not only was there a reduction in the amount of seizures they had, they also showed enhancements in behavior, communication, sleep, motor skills, language, and alertness.


We want nothing more than to educate people on this matter…

…and more importantly spread the word on how succesful CBD Cannabis treament for epilespy in Chilrden has been.


With a little help from: CNN, Wikipedia, Seizure-Journal

Photo Cred: HaleyismyheroBrennan Linsley





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1 Comment
  • Sandy

    I live in Florida just made it legal medicinally this is what I got today:
    By a 14-1 vote, the House Health Quality subcommittee approved a measure that would limit how Florida patients can use medical marijuana.

    Not only would patients be prohibited from smoking medical marijuana, but they would also be barred from buying more than a 90-day supply. Edibles would be outlawed, and vaping would only be allowed for terminal patients. However, a limitation on types of ingestion is not the only issue within HB 1397.

    The bill would severely curtail the market for medical marijuana. Only seven dispensaries would serve the entire state until 200,000 patients register. Only after the threshold number of patients is met would five additional treatment centers be permitted. While patients would be required to obtain a medical marijuana card, the structure of maintaining the medical card could be problematic. If a patient is “cured” or is charged with a drug offense, the medical card can be revoked.

    In November, Florida voters unambiguously approved a constitutional amendment to expand the use of medical marijuana in Florida. Simply put, HB 1397 is too restrictive and is contradictory to the desire of 71% of Floridians.

    While the bill still needs approval from two other House committees before heading to the floor for a full vote, now is the time to tell your representative to oppose this unduly burdensome implementation of Amendment 2!

    CAn you believe it? Cannabis is mbtter than pharmaceuticals!

    March 31, 2017 at 4:53 pm

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