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Curv Vapor Dry Herb Vaporizer - Best Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb | Blue Dreams
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Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams

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Strange tales from the dazed and slightly amused.

We’ve all been in the position of being extremely high before we go to bed and we’ve all had some mind bending morning experiences. You know the ones…. that wake you up questioning your sanity; and just as quickly as you’re engulfed by the dream it just fades away, and when you try to tell your buddy about it the next day you cant remember shit. Well we decided to compile some of the most hilarious “bake and wake” stories within our own office. And then after a few vaping sessions we decided to analyze each dream.

Clown Hookers Attack

“We’re trapped in this suite. Every time we try to leave our room were attacked by clown strippers. Which ironically were sexy from one side and laughably terrifying from the other. So every time we tried to leave we were accosted by clown hookers. And this is why I can never stay at Mandalay Bay again.”


According to Dream Moods, to see or dream that you are with a prostitute suggests that you are feeling sexually deprived or needy. They also say that the fear of a clown represents a mysterious and harmful person in your life.

“My friends were fruit. Joe was a bunch of grapes, Rob was a strawberry, and I was this nasty ass smelly cheese. I was being chased by a cheese knife and they wouldn’t help me.”


Dream interpretation says cheese represents a marriage contract, a child to a pregnant woman or prosperity and longevity. Dream forth says that if you are being chased it indicates that you are steering clear of a circumstance that you feel cannot be overcome. This is generally a metaphor for a kind of insecurity.

“I watched my mom strip on a stripper pole for hours on my twenty first birthday. I’m 32 and never met my mom.”


Dream interpretation states that if you dream of seeing a stripper and feeling disgusted, you are nervous about discovering the real truth about a certain person or situation.

“I was riding on the back of a unicorn with a sword made out of cotton candy chasing an oompa loompa riding a turtle. I woke up before I caught the oompa loompa. I was really upset.”


Dream Stop explains that unicorns represent purity, magic, the animal kingdom, and innocence… Dream moods tell us that turtles symbolize wisdom, faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty. If you’re chasing something it may symbolize your ambition towards a dream but that you’re falling behind.

“I had a dream that I gave birth to a carrot.”


Bustle explains that dreaming about suddenly being pregnant often mean that “a part of your life is growing and that you’re not ready to make public. They can also mean a fear of new responsibilities. While Dream Moods tell us that seeing a carrot in your dream signifies abundance and fertility.

Hugs and Inappropriate Kisses

From the Pervs @ Curv

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