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Curv Vapor Dry Herb Vaporizer - Best Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb | Hard to Draw From? We Got You!
The first true portable vaporizer designed exclusively for dry herb with zero combustion has arrived. Say hello to the Curv Vapor by TAO.
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Hard to Draw From? We Got You!

Hard to Draw From? We Got You!

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“Help!!! I can’t get any vapor!!”

“WTF!!! I feel like I have asthma with this thing!!!”

If this has happened to you, don’t worry! We have you covered. The solution is literally right under your nose. So let’s take a few minutes and get this taken care of. Go grab your Curv if you don’t have it in your hand already….now let’s get started!
First, let’s go over how the device works. It’s just like your oven in your home. Vaporization can only take place at certain temps (357F being around the temp you want to be at). Too low, you won’t get any vapor. The vapor is going to look and smell completely different than what you are accustomed to with smoke (pipes, bongs and joints).
With your Curv, what happens is this:
1. Ceramic chamber heats up the cannabis by way of convection. Vapor builds up in the chamber.
2. You take a hit from the mouthpiece and vapor travels from the heating chamber through 5 airholes near the bottom of the ceramic chamber to the glass airway then finally to the mouthpiece.
When you have little vapor and poor airflow, this means that you most likely have blocked the air holes in the chamber. If you empty out your chamber, you can look for the air holes at the bottom and check them. Also you will need to remove your mouthpiece and then gently remove the glass airway. You will see buildup at the end of the glass airway. Also, if you hold the vaporizer up to a light and look through the glass airway hole, you should see clear through to the ceramic chamber. If not, your airway is blocked. To clean, you can start by using the dry herb brush that came with the kit. Gently insert into the space where the glass airway was and brush down the outside of the ceramic chamber. You can also do the same with the inside of the chamber. Make sure your glass airway is clean too. You can use the pipe cleaner or use a solvent like rubbing alcohol if it is really dirty.  Let’s break it down step by step:
1.  Remove your mouthpiece. Then carefully remove your glass airway. Pull it out with your fingers. Take a look at the end that was closest to your ceramic chamber. Is it dirty? If so, give it a quick clean – you can use your dry herb brush and hit it with a little solvent (rubbing alcohol). Then rinse with water.
2.  Now hold up your vaporizer to the light and peer through the opening where the glass airway slides into. Can you see the ceramic chamber air holes? If not, you will want to do a quick clean using the dry herb brush with a little solvent (rubbing alcohol).
3.  Gently slide the dry herb brush into the glass airway path and you will fee it hit the ceramic chamber. Brush around to loosen up buildup that may be blocking your airway.  (you also need to do this on the inside of your ceramic chamber as well).
4.  After your cleaning is complete, slide your glass airway back into place. Take a hit without anything in the chamber. Feels much better right!
To get used to the vapor and to visualize better how the device works, we recommend doing the following:
1. Take a small amount of cannabis, grind up and put into the heating chamber. Leave the glass swivel open.
2. Set your temp to BLUE. This is the highest setting and will provide you with the most vapor. Turn on your vape.
3. Watch the vapor leave the chamber. Then take a small drag.
Here are some more important tips to follow as well:
*Never pack the cannabis. Grind up using a grinder or break up with your fingers and gently load into the chamber. Don’t overfill, press/pack down. This will mess with your airway and also slow down the vaporization.
*Don’t over-grind. You can end up putting straight kief (powder) into the chamber and this will get stuck in your air holes in the chamber and also build up in the glass airway.
*Don’t take huge drags. This drops the temp of the heating chamber and will stop vaporization. Then you will need to wait to let the temp build back up and vaporization to re-start. Puff on it like you would a cigar
*Keep the inside of the heating chamber clean. Just like an oven, left over bits from previous sessions will get caked into the chamber, re-heating and re-heating and re-heating…and can impart odors on your vapor. Wipe down with a rag with a solvent like rubbing alcohol periodically to keep it clean.
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